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I live by my pace
Elin, 20, from Sweden.
Posts and reblogs are mostly Prince of Tennis, Sengoku Basara, Magi, K, Lucky Dog1, Kuroko no Basket, Pandora Hearts, Eyeshield 21, One Piece, anime and manga in general and yaoi. Also NSFW.
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Yeah, that! Kuroko fighter

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"We have two batters in front who can disrupt the opponent. We have batters who can adapt to the situation, and most importantly everyone knows to swing with confidence. This year, we’ll be able to take Narumiya down. Let’s play our baseball until the end." - Yuki Tetsuya
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Let’s play our baseball until the end.

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 Source by 伊勢海老

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Thanks for everything you do.

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Whoever’s on the mound at the time is the ace! That’s how we should all pitch! ❞

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from last nights 69challenge


from last nights 69challenge

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Happy Birthday my twin~!

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Sawamura, The Bunt Master 

–“That’s off a 150 km/h pitch!”
–“How can he tap it like that?”
–“Are you serious?”
–“Can he bunt off anything?”
–“Oh no, I can’t believe I’m so impressed by him.”
–“It’s because he’s not afraid of the pitch.”
–“Good job! You’re the bunt master!”
–“Just bunt every at-bat!”

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